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Toronto Eyelid Surgery is a premier clinic for eyelid surgery and eyelid reconstruction.

Renowned Eyelid Surgery Expert

Toronto Eyelid Surgery is a premier clinic, led by a renowned expert in the industry.

  • Have peace of mind knowing you are dealing with a well-known and trusted eye specialist.

  • Fully experienced in a complete range of surgical and cosmetic eyelid procedures.

  • Experts in reversing the signs of aging and providing options of surgical or non-surgical procedures.

Toronto Eyelid Surgery Values

To provide the best in expert advice and treatment for a complete range of eyelid procedures. We are here to help your eyes look healthier and more attractive.

To help our patients feel and look their best. Through experience and knowledge, providing an option to have the signs of aging reversed and no longer accept the issues that bother so many.

We promise to give you our expert opinion and advice, our patients have peace of mind knowing the depth of our experience and knowledge. We are here to get you the results you desire and offer a full examination to ensure you understand what are the best options for you.


Toronto Eyelid Surgery is a truly premier clinic with distinguished expertise in surgical and non-surgical procedures for eyelids and anti-aging.

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After waiting for a month for an emergency consultation with another doctor, and then waiting for months for a surgery date with that same doctor, I was given a second referral to see Dr. Maleki. Dr. Maleki saw me within 48 hours and not only provided me with information about my diagnosis–which I never received from the first doctor–but also offered to do my corrective surgery on spot. I couldn’t believe how fast and accommodating he was.

July 23, 2018

Following an accident, I had one very droopy eyelid, giving me the appearance of having had a stroke. I had both eyelids corrected and i am extremely happy with the results. I no longer feel as if I look lopsided. Dr. Maleki was wonderful about explaining everything, and making sure that any questions I had were answered. I was very concerned about looking frog eyed immediately after surgery, but I had no such appearance – even bruising was very minimal. My experience was very positive.

May 17, 2018

I had puffiness below my lower lid and went to see Dr. Maleki for corrective surgery. My results were absolutely amazing.. 2 years later as I’m aging, my upper lids have recently noticeably started dropping. There is no other Dr. I would trust more than Dr. Maleki and will be scheduling upper lid surgery in the near future.

March 11, 2018

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