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Cosmetic BOTOX®

Our facial muscles are used to create many expressions from frowning to squinting when we are sad or angry, to smiling and raising our eyebrows when we are happy or surprised. As we age, repeated facial muscle contractions create wrinkles between the brows, on the forehead, around the eyes and face.

Cosmetic Botox® treatments are one of the most common treatments performed at Toronto Eyelid Surgery. When injected in the face, Botox® temporarily relaxes facial muscle contractions, giving the face a more refreshed appearance by reducing or eliminating dynamic wrinkles. Crows feet, forehead lines and glabellar lines (also known as number 11 lines between the brows) are all easily treatable with Botox®.

For most patients, Botox® treatment is so quick and easy that you often can have it over lunch or a coffee break and can return to work the same day.

Our injection team at Toronto Eyelid Surgery includes Dr. Maleki and his nurse injector Simer who are both experts in facial anatomy and perform advanced injections such as facial/jaw slimming as well as correction asymmetric smiles.

A single Botox treatment can achieve a noticeable reduction in crow’s feet around your eye.

Are their any risks ?

Botox® has been around for almost 40 years as it was first invented by an ophthalmologist in the early 1980s. Since then, millions of patients have been treated and there have been no reported long-term or permanent side effects with the use of Botox®. In other words, it is unlikely to affect your general health.

This does not meet that Botox® is without risks. Most of the negative side effects are localized to the treatment areas and are temporary. Some of these side effects including developing a droopy lid (ptosis), a droopy brow or the inability to close your eyes completely causing a dry eye. This is why it’s so important that you choose an injector who understands and deals with this facial anatomy on a daily basis. Dr Maleki and his nurse injector Simer not only have advanced training in facial injections, but also perform surgery on these muscle groups on a weekly basis. This means you are less likely to develop negative side effects and should they develop they are better equipped to fix them.

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