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Eyelid Chalazion Surgery

Eyelid lesions or lid “bumps” are fairly common. All new or growing eyelid bumps and sores that will not heal must be evaluated to ensure they are not eyelid cancer.Benign lumps and bumps can be removed for cosmetic reasons and/or to reassure a patient that a potential health hazard has been removed.

One of the most common benign eyelid bumps is a chalazion. Chalazia (plural form of chalazion) are caused by blockages of the oil glands, called meibomian glands.  Most chalazia drain on their own especially if you facilitate the process by using a warm compress. However, if they do not go away after a few weeks, they can harden and become aesthetically unappealing. In these situations, surgical removal of the chalazion is possible and generally very successful. 

Dr. Babak Maleki, a board certified ophthalmic reconstructive surgeon has many special methods to surgically rebuild the affected eyelid in a manner that virtually eliminates or minimizes any scaring.

If you have a non-resolving bump on your eyelid, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Maleki to discuss diagnosis and treatment options.

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