Under eye dark circles is one of the most common reasons people seek our help at Toronto Eyelid Surgery. Dark circles can make you look tired and aged. The good news is that at TES , we have the expertise to treat most of the causes of dark circles.

There are 3 main reasons that lead to under eye dark circles:

The first reason for dark circles is volume loss in the tear trough (pronounced “troff”).  The area on either side of your nose that separates your eyelids from cheeks is called the tear trough.  This is where your tears run down your face when you cry.  As we age, we lose fat and collagen in our tear troughs and midface leading to a greater separation between our eyelids and cheeks.  This hollowness or depression is what causes the dark circles. The good news is that we have great ways to reverse the hollowness in the tear trough. This can be done surgically with fat transfers or non-surgically with collagen (filler) injections.

The second reason for dark circles is the shadowing effects of lower lid fat prolapse.  We all have fat behind and around our eyes to protect the eyeball.  Some people genetically have more fat than others and as they age, the fat has a tendency to bulge forward in the lower eyelids. The bulging forward, referred to as fat prolapse, is seen as a hill just above the tear trough. The bigger the fat prolapse, the larger the hill, which makes the valley of the tear trough appear deeper.  Clinically this translates into darker under eye circles.  The solution to this problem is a procedure called a lower lid blepharoplasty to remove the prolapsed fat and transfer it to the tear trough. This creates a smoother transition between the eyelids and cheeks, eliminating the shadowing effect that leads to dark circles. Dr Maleki is an oculoplastic surgeon and an expert in lower lid blepharoplasty. During your consultation, he will evaluate your eyelids and face and let you know if you are a good candidate for surgery.

The final reason for dark circles is hyperpigmentation of the skin. Some people naturally have more pigmentation in the skin under their eyes.  This is genetic and is caused by an increased number of melanocytes that produce melanin, which is the pigment that makes the skin darker. During your consultation with the team at Toronto Eyelid Surgery, we can discuss several medical grade skin care products that can help lighten the skin under your eyes, decreasing the appearance of dark circles.

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