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Dr. Maleki changed my life. The surgery did not just remove the mole on my left eye that had bothered me my whole life – it took a huge weight off my shoulders at the same time. I didn’t realize until it was gone that I was always thinking about my eye, especially when I met new people. Were they going to stare, or worse, ask me about it? The insensitive comments and questions I received over the years are too numerous to mention, but they ranged from “Do you have gravy on your eye?” to “Did someone hit you?” and “Your mascara is running a lot!”

Thanks to Dr Maleki and his amazing team, I finally feel like I have a normal face. This may seem like a superficial concern, but the angst my mole had caused me was anything but superficial. That worry is gone now.

I sincerely appreciated Dr Maleki’s confidence and sensitivity, and the professionalism of his office and staff. He made what could have been a very difficult process as enjoyable as possible. I will be forever thankful.

Jennifer L. Taylor

I was suffering from droopy eyelids (right eye worse than left), which affected my vision covering part of my pupil and gave my face the appearance of always looking tired (especially in pictures). The droopy lids caused constant tearing from my eyes as well. It was brutal! My doctor referred me to Dr. Maleki for a consult in hopes of fixing my condition. When I finally had my consult with Dr. Maleki, I found him extremely professional, polite, and very easy to talk to. I remember taking up a lot of his time during the consult with my long list of questions. He answered all my questions and made sure I was truly satisfied prior to booking my surgery. During the day of the surgery, Dr. Maleki told to me what was going to happen before he started, and he explained what he as doing throughout the procedure as well. He was very calming and kept me at ease. The surgery felt like it went by so fast and he definitely made this experience so memorable with his calming and pleasant nature. After the surgery, I remember opening my eyes and it really felt like I was seeing the world for the first time. I couldn’t believe it! My lids had been lifted and even though one side was droopier than the other, he was able to make me look symmetrical and do a fantastic job. He truly is an amazing surgeon! I feel beautiful and love taking pictures again! Thank you Dr. Maleki!

Anonymous patient on Rate MD

For the past 42 years I have lived with no sight and constant pain in my left eye. Dr.Maleki demonstrated a high quality of compassion and understanding of my problem. Following a very complete explanation of the procedure, I received a painless surgery. Thanks to Dr.Maleki I am now free of pain. His skill, technique and understanding has given me a whole new lease on life. I know Dr. Maleki is proud to work with an efficient and friendly office staff who are very accommodating to the patient. This relationship relates to a productive working environment. Thank You all.

Gerald L. Rhodenizer

One of my eyelids was drooping due to some previous neurosurgery and blocking my vision. I was sent to Dr. Maleki to have this corrected. As he is in such demand, I was told it might be some time before I could have the surgery done. I asked to be put on a cancellation list since I could be there on very short notice. Luck was on my side and the surgery was done less than a month later. What a pleasure it was to have such a caring and talented surgeon. Each step of the process was explained fully. While my concern was my vision, Dr. Maleki’s concerns were far more comprehensive. He took such care in making sure the incision was hidden and scarring minimal. Two months later you can’t even find the scar. Not only is my vision greatly improved, I also have the added bonus of matching eyebrows. Something I haven’t had in a long time. Thank you so very much Dr. Maleki and to your staff as well. I couldn’t have asked for a more positive outcome or a better doctor.

Patient on Rate MD

After waiting for a month for an emergency consultation with another doctor, and then waiting for months for a surgery date with that same doctor, I was given a second referral to see Dr. Maleki. Dr. Maleki saw me within 48 hours and not only provided me with information about my diagnosis–which I never received from the first doctor–but also offered to do my corrective surgery on spot. I couldn’t believe how fast and accommodating he was. Within a couple of weeks, I felt back to normal again. Meanwhile, a year later, I am still waiting for a surgery date from the other doctor, whose staff never answer their phone, and who has never bothered checking in with me.

Patient on Rate MD

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