Recognized worldwide as leader in eyelid surgeries and other medical procedures in and around the eye

Professional colleagues from around the world are so respectful of Dr. Oestreicher’s abilities that they regularly travel to Toronto to receive his training on eyelid surgeries and other medical procedures on or in the eye.  For example, Dr. Murtuza Nuruddin, who practices in Chittagong, Bangladesh, said this about Dr. Oestreicher’s teaching:

“He was not only good at performing surgeries himself but also explained all the steps of different procedures in a very simplified way. I was amazed by his teaching.”

Yalda Abrishami, a senior medical student in Iran, praised Dr. Oestreicher for being able to create “An understanding between doctor and patient”.

“I get great satisfaction out of knowing that the expertise I have passed on to doctors around the world means many people with eyesight problems are getting care that they would otherwise not receive,” says Dr. Oestreicher.

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